One of the important goals of the Arts Council is to provide a means of sharing information about the arts and the arts community in Northumberland County.

A key aspect of that is the resources that are available to the artists to help them present their work to the community.

At the moment these resources fall into four categories, but these will be expanded as the Arts Council continues to find ways to leverage information for benefit of local artists:

  • Venues – locations in Northumberland County that value the presentation and creation of arts and support those by providing places for artists to create, present and perform.
  • Art in Public Spaces – locations that are interested in putting on display the work of local visual artists
  • Marketing – various resources that can be used to help artists market their work to the appropriate audience
  • Links – links to websites and other online resources that can be of value to artists

Interested in contributing resources to our community and making artistic ventures more realistic? Contact us below, we’d love to chat!